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Austin first took to the road in April 2002 as a regular feature of Mini Magazine. His motoring exploits are helped and hindered by the following cast of characters:

Austin Austin - A die hard Mini enthusiast whose heart lies firmly with the old style Mini. His boundless entusiasm often leads him to forget other things in his life, like the fact that he has a wife! Min Min - despite being Austin's long suffering wife Min gives as good as she gets. She too is a Mini fan, although she prefers the new style Mini (much to Austin's annoyance) , and can be handy with a spanner (and not just for hitting Austin)
May May - If there is one thing May loves it is tinkering with her Mini's performance, although that is rather like saying that Dr Frankenstien liked to dabble in biology. The frequent announcements that May has "improved" her Mini give both Austin and Min the willies. Spanner Spanner - A fan of Heavy Metal Spanner likes to give his minis "character" in the shape of booming speakers and gothic paint jobs. Not as mechanically proficient as the others he none the less makes up for it with enthusiasm. His one concession to normality was getting a mini clubman to create more space for his new kid.
Cooper Agent Cooper - The inept government agent sent to investigate May's outrageous Mini customisations. He not only blew his cover but also blew up his car! (see Mini T1000) Mini T1000 Mini T1000 - The top secret BMW Mini created to help Agent Cooper in his investigations. Chief amongst its array of weapons and defences is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) unit that delivers deadly sarcasm.

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