A summary of my career

I have been a professional cartoonist and illustrator since 2000, providing cartoon strips and illustration for magazines such as “On the Edge”, “Climb”, “Adventure Travel” , “Climbing” (US) ,“Mini Magazine” and “Punch” as well as producing commissioned work for clients including MacMillan publishers, Greenshires Publishing, Miller’s Vanguard, Easygreet, Cabshield, WTW & Associates ltd, , GVR products, I Design ltd, Guide-line Accountants, JDL ltd, Mindshare and others.

Proficient in traditional or digital media, I would be delighted to produce quality artwork to your specifications and deadlines.

Email me at duncanbourne.illustrator @ gmail.com or call me on 07812 640098 for a free quote.

Some customer comments:

“Just a quickie to thank you for sending those illustrations so quickly, and to say we think they're brilliant!”
On the Edge Magazine

“Duncan, you're a star! These are marvellous. Spookily, your depiction of 'Mrs Legs' is exactly how I imagined her. Thanks a lot for all your hard work”
Colin Wells (author)

“Excellent illustration -- sums up the gully experience well… love the rain, love the sheep, love the shrub in hand -- well done!”
Climbing (United States magazine)

“we've had a brilliant response to your Austin cartoons, so keep them coming!”
Mini Magazine